Furniture Removal San Diego

Have bulky old furniture you don’t know how to get rid of it?

Is your old furniture in your basement, attic, or garage?

Is your property a residence or a commercial location?

If any of these apply to you our team can help out!

The San Diego junk removal service will help remove all of your unwanted furniture out of your home in no time. There is nothing better than to have that space you needed back again. We understand that removing old furniture out of the home can be really hard for anyone that has ties to the furniture. When there is a story behind any piece of furniture it is very hard to get rid of. That is why the San Diego Junk Hauling is here to help get it off your hands. We don’t want you to ever lift up a finger for any furniture. We will be able to remove all of your unwanted furniture in no time. We have the right tools to haul away any refrigerator, piano, entertainment center, and many more. Our team knows that removing furniture from the property is not an easy task. Our team makes sure to always carry the right dollies and tools to remove all types of furniture.

San Diego Needs A Serious Clean Out

The city of San Diego is loaded with many homes that need a serious clean out job. After so many years of picking up furniture and letting it sit in the basement for so long, it becomes a task to get it out of the property. There is going to be a need to lift and put into a truck. you are going to need to rent or borrow the truck to remove the items. Let us not forget the time and energy it takes to haul the furniture to a dumpsite becomes even more of a chore. The San Diego traffic will make you regret you ever took out the furniture in the first place. Our team has the right trucks and dumpsites to remove any type of furniture pick up.

We can remove the following furniture:

Old mattresses, pianos, old couches, beds, tables, entertainment centers, old televisions, and many more. We are available at any time for a free price quote. For your furniture pick up please call us at (833) 468-2745.