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Backyards can get full of leaves, branches, shrubs, high grass if not kept up. Backyards can get full of shrubs and branches far too quickly if the house is foreclosed or abandoned. Brokers and bankers don’t have time to do that kind of work if needed. Foreclosed homes might be unoccupied but nature is still going to take its toll on the property backyard. We have seen so many homes with high grass, huge grubs, and leaves everywhere from the big trees surrounding the location. Cleaning out the entire property was our task, and it was no problem for us.


Cleaning out a garage can be a real stress. There is a big responsibility to find a dumpsite to get rid of the junk. Looking for a truck or flatbed to load up an old fridge or an old piano can really be stressful. A garage full of trash or unwanted junk is what we are asking for. We can clean out your fully loaded garage even if it is bulky items. We have the right tools and equipment to remove any type of bulky item. We can remove big bulky televisions, old couches, old tables, refrigerators, washers, and dryers as well. Give us a call for an approximate price for your garage clean out.


Removing junk from the attic can be a real stress especially if you are not physically able to bring big bulky items down. After the years the attic can really get full of holiday decorations, Halloween costumes, and old boxes of useless junk. Attics are located in the upper level of homes and at times it is tough to bring anything down. We have been able to clean out attics that are fully loaded junk before, call us today for your attic clean out.


Hoarding is a mental health disorder that can make it difficult for a person let go of items regardless of the actual value. A house that is affected by a person that hoards can be dangerous, and unsafe to live in. At times these affected homes are labeled inhabitable by the city due to code violations.

Cleaning out a home of a hoarder is a difficult task that requires extensive planning, the right equipment, and location to dispose of the junk. We make sure to remove proper debris, biohazard disposals, categorize items that are salvageable for donation, and proper decontamination. In some cases, due to the level of contamination in the home, our highly trained professionals will utilize protective gear to avoid any contamination. Not only does hoarding require experts that will navigate big projects, but also help each client with honesty and respect.

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