Junk Hauling San Diego

Junk Hauling in San Diego, CA

Need a team that can help you remove all of the furniture from your property?

We are able to help you get rid of all of your junk free of hassle.

How does it work?

By giving us a call we can determine how big of a truck you need to remove all of the furniture in your home. If it is an REO property (bank owned home) we are able to help out as well. We can remove all of the furniture and trash from the foreclosed home if needed. There is no limit on the amount of furniture we are able to remove. We are able to take pictures of the entire location before and after the junk removal services are done. We are able to remove big bulky items from the home such as old mattresses, old couches, big bulky televisions, refrigerators and many more.

Our team will remove the junk from the interior and exterior of the home.

We want to make sure that your property is back in shape for sale. The longer the house is off the market the longer it will take to sell the home. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on the money the property should be generating. We will remove all of the electrical wiring or any wall mounts that are in the home as well. We can remove all of the yard debris that was left to grow out in the property if needed. We can remove all of the dead leaves and tree branches that may be hanging in the yard. San Diego Junk Hauling is your number one team for trash out and cleaning services. We will make sure to clean up your entire property clean so you don’t have to hire a cleaning crew.

For an estimate on your Junk Hauling Service, please

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