Best Commercial Junk Removal Services in San Diego!

Any business generates waste and needs a licensed junk removal service company to help with office junk removal. As environmental protection laws become stricter, so do your obligations to dispose of any kind of trash adequately. Hiring a specialized contractor to remove discarded items is the most efficient and 100% compliant solution for your business.

An experienced local commercial waste services company can guarantee that:

  • Your trash will be collected promptly at the agreed time
  • The items will be separated into categories
  • The items will be disposed of according to the law 

The Best Commercial Junk Removal Solutions for Any Situation

On some occasions, your business will generate more junk than usual. For example, when you rebrand your business and need to remodel the reception desk area and meeting rooms, you will remove the old signage and logos. Or, you want to upgrade the working conditions for your employees with modern, ergonomic office furniture.

In any of these situations, a local office junk removal company will pick up the trash without delay. The alternative would be to rent a trash bin and have your own cleaning crew load it. This is not the image you want to present to your business partners or clients when they visit your premises.

Our Professional Commercial Waste Services at Your Disposal!

Your company hauling & pick-up service 365 days is here! A&N Coastal Hauling and Demolition has over 20 years of experience as a licensed office junk removal provider. No job is too big or too small for our hauling and removal team. Need recycling only? A&N Coastal Hauling and Demolition works with real estate companies and non-profit organizations for many of their junk removal and recycling needs.

We offer our commercial junk removal services in San Diego and within a 25-mile range from Vista, CA. Get in touch today at (619) 647-8154!


We’re easy to talk to for all inquiries, questions, or comments. We provide environmentally friendly junk removal services to residents of the San Diego, CA area.

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